August 12, 2017
7 months and 10 days since
our celebration.
Update: Aug 8th.  We now have 83 attendees registered.
Update: May 23, 2017

Hello again Jasper family and friends!
Time for another update!  
The planning committee has continued to meet regularly to ensure the upcoming reunion goes smoothly and contains various activities that will serve to provide something for everyone.   We are very excited to welcome our latest addition to the planning committee, i.e. Desarae Bolingbroke!  Desarae is the great-granddaughter of Helen (Jasper) Parsons.  Desarae brings with her some great enthusiasm and some fresh ideas to help us make the reunion even better.  She also tells us many of her family members are very excited to participate in this year’s reunion.
As of May 16th, we have 46 registrants for the reunion.  We believe there are many of you out there who fully intend on coming to this year’s reunion and we encourage you to please register/RSVP now on our website (  The time until our reunion (August 12th) is becoming short, and in order for us to plan accordingly, we could really use your help in ensuring you RSVP as soon as possible.  We had approximately 110 attendees at the last reunion and it would be great to try to match or beat that number this time.  You may have some family members who don’t have email so please feel free to register for them!
One of the activities new to this year’s reunion is the Family Memories activity scheduled for right after supper.  This will be a time for sharing “Family Memories’’ through song, poems, letters, stories, etc.  We have some family members already working on some pieces to share during this time, but we’d also like encourage the rest of you out there to use your creative side and feel free to bring along your creation to the reunion to share with the rest of us.  
This update will also be sent out as an email blast to all of those registered on our website.  Accompanying the email blast will be an attachment containing some instructions for another new activity for this year’s reunion.  We are calling it the Family Biography Project.  This will be a chance for our younger family members and friends to have some fun by researching and putting together a report on someone from our older generations who has inspired them. There will be a display area for the report(s) which will allow all of us to learn a bit more about one of our Jasper members or friends.  We hope you younger parents out there will encourage your children to take this chance to learn more about our inspirational elders.
That’s it for now.  The planning committee has another meeting scheduled for June 10th.  If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, please feel free to send them to us at
Hello Jasper family and friends!
The work for the reunion planning committee continues and as part of our commitment to you, we will be supplying you with periodic updates.  FYI, the planning committee is currently comprised of the following members:
Kim Kelly, Gale Ohochinsky, Keith Gill, Angie Walker, Lorry Kelly, Lynne Anderson, and Lorraine Harris, who recently joined our planning committee and we’re so happy to have her in our group. (In May, Desarae Bolingbroke will be joining us as well!)
Let’s get started with some really big news. For those of you who haven’t already heard, the decision has been made to open up the 2017 Jasper Family Reunion to 2 new groups:
  1. The antecedents and descendants of Ernest Jasper’s siblings.  This opens up the reunion to Ernie’s sisters’ families who also emigrated to Canada, as well as to the families of Ernie’s siblings who stayed in England.  
  2. The families of Louise Hayward Jasper’s siblings.
We’re very excited about the inclusion of these two new groups to our family gathering.  We’ve already had some communication with some of our relatives in England, and it appears that some of them will be coming to this year’s reunion.  How exciting is that? 
As far as the details for the reunion itself, a rough agenda has been developed, with some tweaking still to take place. The rough outline looks like this:
Saturday August 12th
1:00       Start of reunion
2:00       Icebreaker activities
3:00       Sports’ tournaments, crafts, photos, home movies
6:00       Supper
7:30        Family Memories activities (includes some “surprises”)
8:30        Campfire
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us by sending us an email to  
That’s it for now other than asking each of you to please RSVP to the site as soon as you can and to share this update with others in your family groups who may or may not have email or internet capabilities.  
Thanks everyone, and see you in August!!!!


Jasper Reunion Facebook Page : We will be transitioning this site to facebook long term for the 2020 reunion.

The reunion will take place on Saturday August 12th, at Keith Gill’s (Genevieve's grandson) in White City.  He has a large back yard with a pool house, built-in trampoline, patio with firepit, large paved area, an area for badminton or volleyball, several bbq’s, a smoker, and more.
As you can see, our website is now up and running.  Please take some time and explore all of the various pages (see index on the left) , but especially the “RSVP” section.  This is where you’ll want to register and let us know whether or not you’ll be able to make the reunion.
We are really excited about this and see it as a way for all of the generations under those 8 siblings to either reconnect, or to develop closer family bonds with some family members they don’t see often, or perhaps haven’t even met yet. 

We are asking for a cash donation (at time of the event) to help cover the costs of the event and ask $5.00 - $10.00 per person.  We are looking to have a great time and for everyone to leave with great memories and some reunion gifts.  

If you are interested in receiving a copy of a short family history by Doris Kelly, please send an email to Jasper-Reunion Committee asking for one and one will be emailed to you.